2018 cammy's fridayCammy weekend is in full swing and we’re wide open! Fat Harold’s Beach Club will be rockin’ tonight!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 11 so come on down and grab a burger or somethin’ else good to eat to build up your energy for the rest of Friday.

Tonight at 7 DJ Gary Bass will be in the booth in the Front Room. At 9 Steve Owens and Summertime band will be on the stage. The Back Room will be rockin’ with DJ Eddie Anderson and we’ll have a meet and greet with Northern Soul DJs Kev and Denise Draper…Here from Cambridgeshire England to play nothin’ but vinyl on Saturday night teamed up with DJ Tootie Brown.

It’s gonna be a GREAT weekend at the Fatman’s House. Come on out tonight and party in both rooms.