What a beautiful bright sun shiney day! Just the kind of day to go to work, get off and come to The Fat Man’s House! We are headed into the festive season, so come and get festivus with the rest of us! DJ Milton White is playing the music tonite and you can dance the night away! You might even get to see some of those little red tickets real soon. When Shannon says give them out, we will give them out. You better come out sometime this week to get yours cause when they are gone, they are gone! I’m not saying it will be tonite, but you never know! New Year’s tickets are ready and we’ve sold quite a few packages already. Get yours today! We also have SOS tickets just waiting to be put in someone’s stocking for Christmas. Let’s all have a great day, say your prayers, give some love and hugs away and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!