HOT TODDYI was going to say there is a chill in the air but, it’s plum COLD out there. I even saw a trace of snow in the swamp this morning. Freaked me out, as always, so I took a couple of pictures so everyone wouldn’t think I was telling one of my tales. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from coming to the Fat Man’s House sometime today or tonite. Jackie opens the grill at 11am. She surely has something that will warm you up. This is Happy Day so come on down and grab a Hot Toddy to warm those bones and get them loose so you can dance the night away. It’s customer appreciation so come and be appreciated. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is in the both tonite. He will work up a sweat, that’s for sure. New Years Packages are ready to go. Get yours today. Just ask your bartender, check it out on the website, or Facebook or call Lulu at 843-249-5779! We think you will be very happy with this years package. We are not going to force you to come a week ahead of time and we know how tight money is right now. So we whittled our package down and cut the price in half for YOU! You, our customers are the ones who keep us in business and we wish we could give everything away but then we wouldn’t be in business would we? So we really gave this some thought and came up with the perfect solution. We hope you will join us as we bring in 2014! Got to put on the gloves and hat and hit the road! Love YOU, Mean IT!