SHAGHowdy from Fat Harold’s! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood but it sounds as if you might need to get out those heavy coats and furs for the weekend. We open the club at 4pm today and some food will be available in The Shag City Grill. Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm and lasts until 7pm. At 7pm, Jeppy McDowell and Miss Nikki will take you on the dance floor and show you what the shag is all about. What a beautiful dance and it’s our State Dance! Come on out and give it a try. It’s FREE and you don’t have to have a partner. Don’t be shy, give it a try! Got to make some doughnuts so we’ll see you smiling faces a little later on the dance floor. PS. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth! Love YOU, Mean IT!