Have You VOTED, yet? We hope so and we also hope you come out to Fat Harold’s tonite to take some FREE Shag Lessons. Jeppy will start teaching at 7pm. One of the premier instructors in the history of “Shag”! Come out and learn with Jeppy. DJ Ray Scott is in the booth tonite! Ray and the Fun Team are ready to turn your Tuesday nite into an awesome night. Come and let them! If you have been on the website, I guess you have noticed that we have the New Year’s Extravaganza posted. Get you plans together and join us for a super dooper week long celebration of the changing of the years. The flyer is printable and just fill out the application in the bottom left hand corner and send it in with a check, money order or credit card number. Joy and Lulu will take care of you. If you would rather give us a call, then please by all means, give us a call if it makes you feel safer. We are looking forward to a huge PARTY! If you are coming in from way out of town make those flight reservations, NOW! This week, starting Thursday for us, we will have some of the Bestest Beach Bands showing off on our stage! It’s CAMMY time. Yes, the CBMA awards are this weekend and look who we have playing on our website, www.fatharolds.com! I know the ballots have been counted and all of our great friends are just chomping at the bit to take home one of those beautiful awards. Good luck to all of you and we hope the best man or woman wins! We were not on the Beach Club of the Year ballot this year because Fat Harold decided to withdraw to give another one of the great Beach Clubs a chance, cause we all know who the greatest Beach Club on The Planet is! Right? What is fair is fair and The Fatman is as fair as they come. It is somebody else’s turn. Who do you think will get The Beach Club of the Year award??? I hope it’s who I voted for! Let’s all have a good time this week and be nice, say your prayers, tell somebody you love them, (and mean it), don’t be greedy with those hugs, (unless the one you are hugging has the flu) and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT :)!