Wow, what a weekend we have in store for you! It’s Cammy time, and you know what that means? The best bands in the industry are in town to perform for you! At 9pm tonite my cuzzin, JIM QUICK and his band COASTLINE will take center stage and blow the walls off of the building! DJ Gary Bass will be up front to entertain you during breaks and DJ Lanny Elmore will be in the back room starting at 9pm for your dancing pleasure. Please come out and supports these bands whether it be with us or another of the participating clubs. But we hope you will be with US! The Carpenters and there staff work very hard to provide you with the best weekend that they can! Support BEACH MUSIC, may the legacy live on! I hope to see you all at some point this weekend but will definitely see you at The Industry Awards on Saturday. Would love to see the show on Sunday but that’s just not in my budget! Good LUCK to all of my friends! I guess that means all of you since I’ve known you all for such a very long time! Please pray for the sick, the lonely, the deprived and those who have lost a loved one. Smile, love and Hug! LOVE you, MEAN it!