backwater-harolds-cbmaHAPPY FRIDAY! Friday the 13th only means one thing to us….The CBMA’s are here and we’re WIDE OPEN! Doors open at 11 this morning and the Shag City Grill will be fired up and waitin’ to cook you up some goodness. Lots of folks in town for the CBMA’s and we’re lookin’ to see as many as we can hold. Jim Quick and Coastline set the tone last night…Sure hope you made it out for the fun. Tonight we have BLACKWATER RHYTHM & BLUES to entertain ‘ya. These guys are AWESOME! They’ll hit the stage around 9 but we have DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in the front booth and DJ David Harris in the back booth startin’ at 7. Your FUN TEAM will be workin’ hard at Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. It’s on like Donkey Kong! Come early and stay late. We’re celebratin’ the Fat Man this weekend, as this year’s CBMA’s are dedicated to this man we loved so much. Come celebrate with us! Let’s dance the night away! Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for updates and say somethin’ so we’ll know you’re there! 🙂