TGIF! Right? The last day of November, wow, this year has really flown by. Mama Brenda is going to open the Grill at 4pm today. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be doing his “thang” in the DJ Booth tonite. He can really get you going. Need a Christmas present? We have plenty, like SOS cards, Fat Harold’s book, New Year’s packages, T-shirts, Hats and anything else that isn’t nailed to the wall. Wait a minute, everything else IS nailed to the wall. The Junior Shaggers are having their Social and Shag tomorrow, Saturday, from 2 until 4pm. This is a private gathering. The club is still closed to the public. I guess that is all for today. Say your prayers, be kind to everyone, don’t gossip, tell someone you love them and most important, please keep “Christ” is Christmas! This is the Christmas season coming, not the holiday season. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!