Welcome back to the CBMA’s 2011! What at day we have planned for you. Starting at 11am with Lunch with Lulu: Pot Roast, taters, carrots, onions over rice and butterbeans with rolls, tea or soda! $6.50. Shannon and the rest of the team are geared up for a Coastline Crazies kind of night. Jim and the boyz will hit the stage at 9pm for a true night of mayhem. DJ Gary Bass (front room) and DJ Lanny Elmore (back room) will provide the music during breaks and for those who would rather “Just Dance” in the back room. A little bit of everything for our friends! Oh, there is NO COVER CHARGE tonite! We hope you will drop by for a while or just camp out here. We’ll take good care of you. Guess I better go get the Pot Roast ready. In A Minute! Love YOU, Mean IT!