JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESMonday, Monday! Wow! Last week was a whirlwind of fun! Three nights of fantastic bands and then all of the CBMA festivities. We’re worn out…and ready to get back to bidness! Many congrats to all of this year’s award winners! Doors open this afternoon at 4:00 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Come on down and learn some new shag steps with Judy Duke. Her class tonight is from 7 to 9 and $10 per person. EXCELLENT teacher and she’ll have you struttin’ on the dance floor in no time! This weekend we’ll get back to our NUTTIN’ BUT OLD STUFF in THE BACK ROOM. Friday night we have DJ Little Tommy Hamrick in THE BACK ROOM JUKE JOINT, with “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in THE FRONT ROOM! It’ll be ‘TOMMY TIME” in the back so bring your friends and let’s do this thang! Saturday night DJ Jay Nelms will be in THE BACK ROOM with the old boogie woogie music and DJ David Harris will be in THE FRONT ROOM. Somethin’ for EVERYBODY! Your FUN TEAM will be back in full swing to insure a good time is had by all. Keep checkin’ our FACEBOOK page to keep up with what’s goin’ on at the Fat Man’s House…Spread the word! Lookin’ foward to seein’ ya!