DJ Jay "Dawg" NelmsHappy November! Hope everyone had a good time last night and made it home safely. I saw some really good costumes on Facebook this morning. Looks as if North Myrtle Beach had fun last evening! Well, let’s have some fun tonite! Jeanette is ready to teach you some Line Dances tonite. I don’t know what she is teaching but I am sure it will be fun. DJ Jay Nelms is in the booth at 7pm playing some good ole shag music. Come on out and play with us tonite! We are excited and glad that Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol are bringing all of their friends in those beautiful old cars to the beach this weekend. The parking lot will be full of them on Saturday so come on and check them out. The group will be here all weekend. Welcome them to our beach! I would like to take this time to tell our friend from across the street, David Shaw, that we are thinking of him and to get well soon! Got to go now, in a minute! Love YOU, Mean IT!