Lets-ShagHello Friends! What a weekend we have in store for you! The grill will open at 11 am on Saturday with Amy cooking up some great burgers and bologna! Customer Appreciation Day will start at 4pm and last until 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will be in the booth Saturday nite as well as Sunday nite. Starting at 7pm! We have a little something new starting this Sunday. At 4 pm DJ Stevie B will be playing your favorite tunes for Terry’s Sunday Afternoon Get Together. He will play until Jimmy comes on. Also this Saturday afternoon is the monthly Junior Shagger Social in the back room at 4pm. Did you have a good time at the last SAS Covered dish supper? Well a month has past and it’s time to do it again! Dinner will be served at 6pm Sunday. Don’t forget to bring a dish. Sounds like Sunday is going to be too much fun. Stevie B, food, Jammin Jimmy……..what more could you ask for??? Lil Terry you say, she will be right here entertaining you with her wild antics. Hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House sometime this weekend. Get that phone out right now and make yourself a note or 2! Love YOU, Mean IT!