tgifYAHOO! It’s FRIDAY! Doors open at 1:00 with the SHAG CITY GRILL ready to cook you up somethin’ scrumptious! Tonight we’ll have BOTH rooms full of HOT MUSIC with DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in THE FRONT ROOM and “Mr. Smoothie” Bill Harper in THE BACK ROOM JUKE JOINT. Join in to help celebrate Mimi Benedict’s 85th birthday tonight…We LOVE this pretty lady! Come early for Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7 and get your smiles on! Your FUN TEAM is geared up (and stocked up) to make your visit to Fat Harold’s nothin’ but FUN, FUN, FUN! THE BACK ROOM is a new venue where we’re gettin’ back to our roots…the music that started this whole thing in OCEAN DRIVE. Check it out and let us know what you think! Keep up with the rest of the weekend on our Facebook page…We’ve got a lot goin’ on! If you’ve got kids, or grandkids, that like to dance and have a good time, bring ’em on Saturday afternoon for our last JUNIOR SOCIAL of 2015. Pat Folds and Mimi Benedict will be givin’ FREE dance classes to the kids at 3:00 followed by a social JUST FOR THEM afterwards. Put us on your schedule, and LETS’ DO THIS THANG!