What a day we have for you today! The grill opens at 11am. Lulu’s whippin’ up some sunshine to go along with her Pork Chops! Yes, we are having pork chops today and smashed taters and green beans too! Cornbread? You better believe it. Lot’s of it! Come have Lunch with Lulu! FAT HAROLD, SHANNON and THE FUN TEAM invite you to join us this evening for one of the tightest, most energetic bands at The CBMA’s this weekend, THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND (affectionately known as CWB). They hit the stage at 9pm for a night to remember or forget (depending on how much THE FUN TEAM pour down your throats!) It’s so important to support the BANDS that make the MUSIC! If you just want to dance, you can do that too! The back room will be open for dancing with DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms in the booth and Mama Brenda, Deanna and Justin behind the bars. DJ Gary Bass will be up front with The CWB. We are gonna have a party! Look forward to seeing you sometime today. In a MINUTE! Love YOU, Mean IT!