Can you believe it’s already Thursday? Changing temperature and leaves and hours at the club. We announced that the Grill would be closed on Wednesday during the day. After rethinking this, management has decided to stay open on Wednesday and close on Sunday (GRILL ONLY). This is only for the season or until we start bands on Sunday if in fact we do. This will be decided at a later date. We will keep you informed. Today Lulu is fixing Hamburger Steak, FF, slaw and hushpuppies for lunch. $6.50 for all of this plus tea or soda. Shannon and Debbie will be at “The Main” tonite providing you drinks, drinks, and drinks! Come see them and we have one of our “Wonderful House DJ’s” in the booth! Come out to see who it is! We hope your day is awesome and as always, Love YOU, Mean IT!