dance is good smallIf the Music is Good You Dance…Shag Dance, that is. If you don’t know how we have a rememdy. Shag Lessons! Judy Duke can teach you exactly how to do that. Just show up by 7pm and you will be well on your way. DJ Milton White accompanies her and plays after the lessons are over so you can show off what you’ve learned. Brenda will open the doors at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and conversation about the last weekends festivities. Let’s have a good week at Fat Harold’s and COMING THIS WEEKEND is Cruis’n The Beach Car Show. It’s another Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol Production. It was a great success last year and we are hoping for the same this year. The cars will be in Fat Harold’s Parking Lot all Day Saturday. I am telling you they are a sight for sore eyes. Some of the baddest cars I’ve ever seen. We, at Fat Harold’s would like to Congratulate all of the winners of the CBMA Awards and keep up the good work fellows. You are all winners in OUR book! Well it’s time to go to work and I hope you all have a spectacular week. We will be looking for you. Love YOU, Mean IT!