It’s Saturday again! Time is certainly going ape….! I didn’t say it. I am trying to clean up my vocabulary for one of my New Year’s Resolutions, a little early. I can think it though. The club will open at 4pm today with Pam behind the grill, Terry, Debbie and Shannon will join her a little later. When you are done with all of that Christmas Shopping come by and have a cocktail with the girls. DJ David Harris will be in the booth to provide you with a vast array of great music. He will speed it up or slow it down and play just what you want to hear. Get your reservations in for New Year’s Now! We have tickets left but they are getting fewer and fewer! The OD Shag Club will be having their Christmas Party this evening and it is always great to have this awesome bunch of people in our midst. Talk about FUN! I guess that about does it for today. Don’t forget to do some of your shopping at Fat Harold’s. We have lots of goodies for girls and boys. Have an awesome day, tell someone you love them and give away a hug and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!