The Fat Man’s House will be jumpin’ tonight with DJ David Harris in the booth. But first, Mama Brenda will open the grill bar at 4pm for The Daily Board Meeting! The Junior Shag & Social will be held today at 2pm and will last until 4pm. This is a private function. The club will NOT be open to the public until 4pm. We would like to Thank Pat Folds, Mimi Benedict and the other volunteers who really want to keep our dance alive by teaching these wonderful kids, THE SHAG! As we enter the Christmas Season let’s not forget those less fortunate than us. We have the Yachts for Tots box at the front door and if you can put just a little something in it, some little child or doggy or kitty will have a great Christmas too! You can bring it on the night of the Customer Appreciation Christmas Party on December 12. You must have a ticket and a toy or cat food or dog food to get in! That’s the Fat Man’s rule and we are sticking to it! Don’t forget the club will be CLOSED on Sunday and Monday throughout the month of December except the very last ones which will be part of the New Year’s Eve Extravaganza, so we will see you all the rest of the nights. OK? SOS cards, New Year’s Eve Tickets, Fat Harold’s books, T-shirts, Hats, etc. are all ready for you to pick up for that special someone for Christmas. Got to go for now. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!