We are going to have some fun tonite Ladies and Gentlemen! Our Master DJ himself, Jerry Franklin Bass, is going to be in The Booth Tonite! I can feel the heat off of that floor right now and considering it is 33 degrees outside, that feels pretty ding dang good! The Club will open at 4pm with Mama Brenda at the Grill! The rest of the gang will come in later and it’s on! Don’t forget to get signed up for the best New Year’s Eve Party on the beach. Boy do we have another surprise in store for you. Will let you know in a few. Those of you who don’t come are going to be SOOOOO Disappointed! Oh well, your loss is somebody else’s gain! Stocking stuffers and Christmas presents are still available, hoodies, hats, Fat Harold’s book, Gift Cards loaded with what ever amount you would like to give, SOS Cards and New Years packages. Lot’s to choose from. Have a super day and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!