december-16-n-17Thaaaaat’s right. Double your fun with TWO rooms rockin’ and TWO great DJs! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Startin’ at 7 DJ David Harris will be spinnin’ the tunes in the Front Room and DJ Eddie Anderson will be playin’ nothin’ but the old stuff in the Back Room. Pick and choose what you can use…or move back and forth between the two. We aim to please…and bein’ the holidays we’re on high alert for GOOD TIMES! Ugly Christmas sweaters are always welcome at the Fat Man’s House. No reason to pull ’em out for just one night a year! We’d love to see ’em!nye2017 Time is runnin’ out for our New Year’s Eve Bash reservations. Have you got yours? If not, get ’em while we got ’em. Your bartenders or any member of your FUN TEAM can set ‘ya up. It’s gonna be a good one. Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for complete details on this and other upcomin’ events. We’ve still got this weekend to fill up our donation boxes for Yachts For Tots and the local animal shelter. Please bring unwrapped toys and pet supplies to drop in ’em. Makes you feel pretty good to be givin’ to the less fortunate durin’ the holidays! Party like ‘ya mean it at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We’ve been settin’ the bar for WAY over 30 years!