santa line dance 2Join us tonight at 7 for FREE LINE DANCE CLASSES with Jeanette Stanley. Learn some moves in time for the holidays. Doors open at 4 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. DJ Milton White will be in the booth for your dancin’ pleasure. We’re sendin’ out big HUGS and THANK YOUs to all that came out last night for your Customer Appreciation Christmas Party. Y’all looked mighty festive and we think a good time was had by all. You filled a BIG box with toys for the Yachts For Tots program…and thanks to you, the local animal shelter will receive a truckload of goodies. Y’all are the BEST! Remember that Friday night we’ll have both rooms open with DJ ‘JAMMIN’ JIMMY BUFFKIN in the FRONT ROOM and LITTLE TOMMY HAMRICK in the BACK ROOM. It’s gonna a be at fun night at the Fat Man’s House. Put your jingle bells on and get on down here!