Yeppers, it’s Friday and time to get out those dance shoes and head to Fat Harold’s! Brenda opens the grill bar at 4pm and the rest of the crew will be in later. DJ David Harris will be in The Booth playing some good ole shagging music and some line dance requests also! Don’t be shy, if you come in to Fat Harold’s and no nothing about the shag, just ask someone to show you. We have one of the best group of regular customers you could ask for. They would not mind at all showing you the basic steps. Don’t forget the New Year’s Extravaganza package, SOS cards, Fat Harold’s book (autographed), t-shirts, hats and we ordered some sweatshirts yesterday. They will be here in time for Christmas and are going to be good looking. Be sure to get here before 5pm tomorrow so you can park in the parking lot. They are closing the roads at 5pm for The Christmas Parade. If you miss this you will be able to get in after 7:30. So get here early. Let Shannon know if you didn’t get your little red tickets to get in to the Annual Customer Appreciation Christmas Party, featuring SEA CRUZ, which is Wed., Dec. 12th. I understand some of the tickets got mixed up and some of you may be holding a HOTO’s ticket. Check them out and let us know. Go ahead and get that tacky Christmas outfit ready for The Coastline Crazies Christmas Party on Dec. 13th at 8pm. This is a great party. So many parties, so little liver! What are we gonna do? We are going to go to the parties. Right? I guess I hit on the important things for today. Be good, pray for your friends, pray for those who have lost love ones, they are going to have a difficult time in the coming weeks. It’s hard to be without the ones you love at Christmas. I know. It ain’t easy! We will see you tonight, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!