new years eveNew Year’s Eve is here! Tonight we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. We’ll be open today from 11 to 5 and closing from 5 to 7 to get things set up for your New Year’s Celebration. Our package tickets are sold out and we’re ready to party down.

At 7 we re-open our doors with two party rooms for the festivities. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will preside over the Front Room and DJ Betty Brown will be holding down the Back Room. There will be NO reserved tables so get here at the beginning and grab your space! We’re gonna bring in the new year like only the Fat Man’s House can do it.

But wait…it ain’t over…Our package continues through New Year’s Day with Chef Jack’s famous lunch of collards, black-eyed peas, fat back and cornbread at high noon. DJ Jay Kinlaw will be in the booth at noon with Jim Quick and Coastline on our stage from 1 to 5.

Please be safe tonight and plan your rides accordingly. We wish you ALL a Happy New Year and look forward to a great 2019. Thank you ALL for a FABulous 2018. We are truly blessed.