At midnite tonite we will leap into 2012! What a year this has been. Our main man Fat Harold, has been in the hospital more than he’s been out. But he is doing good now and should be home soon. That’s a blessing! We’ve lost great friends and gained new ones. We have all gone through major life changes! Through all of the fun, fights, hurt, jokes, love, hate, and any other adjective that you can think of we should get it all out of us today and be prepared to start a NEW year. Life throws us lemons most of the time and I am preparing to make a batch of lemonade like you ain’t never had before. Just hope everyone else is ready to make it with me. Thank you for your patronage. Sometimes things aren’t exactly like you want them, but you have to remember, different strokes for different folks. Not everybody likes the same things and that’s a good thing. If we were all alike this world would really be in trouble. Thank you for your friendship. True friends are hard to beat and those that are fly by nighters, well, it will be full moon soon, get those brooms shined up for that long ride to nowhere. Thank you from the bottomless pits of our hearts for a good year and we DO have just as many more years as we want! If some things change a little, don’t bitch about it, be glad for us if you truly care. Lulu got the soup pot on and DJ David Harris is playing music today at noon so you can dance, dance, dance! We are closing the doors at 5pm to get ready for the evening and they will reopen at 7pm! DJ’s Jimmy Buffkin, Ray Scott, and Gary Bass will entertain you this evening with the best music possible. You can dance the NEW YEAR in, IN STYLE! The FUN TEAM is ready to make this a New Year’s Eve to remember. Love YOU, Mean IT!