TACKY CHRISTMAS WEEKENDYou’d better have that tacky outfit ready…because tonight’s the night! It’s gonna be a FUN night at the Fat Man’s House with Coastline’s TACKY CHRISTMAS PARTY…Lots of GREAT PRIZES for best costumes and lots of surprises in store. Club opens at 1….Shag City Grill starts cookin’ at 1…Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the Front Room with COASTLINE…and DJ Larry Edwards will be in the Back Room with nuttin’ but the old stuff! Your FUN TEAM is ready for rockin’ aroun’ the Christmas Tree…Come rock with us! Access from all doors tonight…front, rear and side…pick and choose what you can use! ALL BARS WILL BE RUNNIN’ tonight…we’re expectin’ a BIG CROWD…If you haven’t gotten your NEW YEARS PACKAGE tickets, get ’em while you’re here tonight…They’re goin’ FAST! Check our FACEBOOK page for updates on FAT HAROLD’S happenin’s….It’s the place to be for good times. NO COVER CHARGE TONIGHT…JUST BE TACKY! 🙂