fat haroldsThe club opens today at 4pm! I’m really not sure who will be DJing tonite because David Harris is on the schedule but he’s been very sick. Come on out anyway and get your dance on whoever it may be! Everyone is getting ready for Christmas around here. Presents here and presents there! The bartenders always get great presents from their customers and if they forgot to thank you or were just too busy to give you a great big hug well here it is < >! Thank you for your patience for those of you who stayed with us this year during our whatever you call it! It’s nice to know you have “real” friends! As we count down our days until Christmas let’s not forget what we are really celebrating…The Birthday of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Without him, we would be nobody. I wish for you a great day to dance, to love, to be with your family and friends. New Year’s packages selling like hot cakes, don’t forget to get yours now! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!