The club opens at 4pm today! It’s Debbie and Shannon holding down the fort. Come in and take advantage of those generous price drops that The Fat Man extended to you. DJ Milton White will be in the booth around 7pm and Jeanette Stanley is going to get you moving on the dance floor. Come and learn a new Line Dance. You won’t come out and play because you don’t have a dance partner, well you don’t need one to line dance. Do YOU? Let’s all have some fun tonite at Fat Harold’s! New Year’s Packages on sale NOW! Make you your plans so that we can finish ours. Need a Christmas present for that person that has everything? How about an SOS card or Fat Harold’s book, personally signed by all of the staff that are in the book. That is something that will be around when we are all gone! We’ve got t-shirts, hats and you can also get a small plaque with your name on it or someone else’s to be placed on the bar forever. Contact Shannon for the details on this. We’ve got gift cards that you can load any amount on them and can be redeemed for drinks, hats, t-shirts, etc. WE’ve got it all. Especially the best staff and dance floors on this beach. Well I guess this gal need to get to work. PS. I’m gonna be cooking with Ronnie a couple of days during Mid-Winter. Just wanted you to get prepared. lol LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!