fat-mans-nyeIt’s New Year’s Eve and we hope you have had fun so far. The club opens at 11am for lunch, libation and a little dancing we hope. We will close at 5pm and reopen the doors at 7pm to start the Celebration! Get your dancing shoes on cause the floors are going to be hot with DJ’s Gary Bass, David Harris and Jimmy Buffkin. Champagne toast and party favors and some of the best shag music in the whole wide world will be provided for you this evening. We hope you will join us to bring in 2013. We still have a few $25 tickets for grabs. This entitles you to all of the festivities tonite and lunch tomorrow. Grab you one before they get gone. Thanks for the good times in 2012 and thanks for sticking by us in the not so good times. It means the world to us to know that we have loyal FRIENDS! Friends hell, YOU ARE FAMILY! Enjoy yourselves wherever you may be, be safe so we can see you again and WE LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!