A cool nite, a Christmas Parade, a hot toddy or cold one, right in front of The Fat Man’s House! Can you think of anything better for a Saturday nite besides dancing the nite away? Well you can do all of the above this evening. The parade starts at 5:30pm and they are closing the streets at 5:00pm, so get ready for the nite get in the parking lot before the streets close and spend the evening with us. You will not be able to get in the parking lot until 7:30 or after because the neighbor next door has the parking lot beside us all gated up and you will NOT be able to get in the back way. The club will open at 4pm and all bars will be open so you don’t have to miss a bit of the parade. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the DJ booth following the parade. Come party with us tonite. The New Year’s Packages are rolling in. Thanks for getting them in early. Our first prize winner has been reached and we are almost to the second one. You will get your prize packages throughout the evening on New Year’s Eve. We have some very good prizes too! Go ahead and get them in. SOS cards are available, Fat Harold’s books, t-shirts, hats, etc. I failed to mention we even have Fat Harold’s wine. Now what a novelty Christmas gift that would be. Also sweatshirts will be in next week! Got to get on down the road. See you at the club this evening. Hugs and kisses! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!