beach santa 3Ho, Ho, Ho…Christmas is almost here and even Santa knows it’s more fun at the beach…even MORE fun at the Fat Man’s House! Doors open today at 1. Shag City Grill opens at 1. Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Both rooms will be open tonight…DJ Kitty Earles in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Jay Nelms in the BACK ROOM! Pick and choose what you can use! Just like Pappy’s original Spanish Galleon…the music gets older the further back you go! Your FUN TEAM is stocked with your favorite libations to get the party goin’! Not a regular? Never been? That’s OK! Come on in and you’ll have new friends before you leave! Don’t forget about your New Year’s Eve reservations. They’re goin’ fast! 5 days of bands in the afternoon and great DJs at night. No bands on NYE…cause we just wanna dance! Come in to get your tickets, call Lulu at the FH office, or check our website and FACEBOOK page for a downloadable form to mail in. How easy is that?