Santa is going to make his grand appearance in OD tonite. It’s gonna be chilly and we can keep you warm with warm libations. Coffee drinks are sure to be a hit tonite so when you come to see Santa in the parade come by Fat Harold’s and warm yourself up! Parade starts at 5:30, but you better come early so you can get a parking place. CLUB OPENS today at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Today’s special is Broccolli Cheese Soup (homemade with LOVE) accompanied by a toasted Bologna and Cheese Sandwich! Great for a cold day. Ballgames, bologna and beer. The Shag City grill has it all! The whole Fun Team will be in tonite to make sure you don’t have to wait long after the parade. So make your plans to spend the evening with us at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We love you and we mean that when we say it! Hope to see you a little bit later!