Judy Duke teaches Shag Lessons at 7pm tonite! $10 per person. She is wonderful. Come see for yourself. Meanwhile, Lulu’s cookin up some Chicken and Pastry for lunch today. For those of you who get confused about Chicken and Pastry or Chicken and Dumplins, they are the same thing except Pastry is flat and Dumplins is puffy. OK? Now it’s been explained for those who keep arguing with me. This is my way and I am the cook, you are the eater. Enough said!!!! hehehe Just come on down and enjoy some warm comfort food. Customer Appreciation Day is 4 until 7pm and Shannon, Debbie and Justin will keep you amused and get you just as happy as you want to be tonite. DJ Lanny Elmore will keep you dancing just a long as you want to dance tonite, too! We see you in a little while. Be Safe and Much Love and Merry Christmas’s to you all!