Heck No! You can do that next week. It’s time to PARTY! Two Bands today. SEA CRUZ takes the stage at 1pm and plays til 3pm. THE RICK STRICKLAND BAND takes the stage at 9pm and plays til 1pm! The Club Opens at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Today’s Special: PORK CHOPS (grilled only) smashed taters, green beans, corn and cornbread, tea or soda! Just $6.50. When it’s out, it’s out folks. We will close at 5pm today to get ready for the PARTY OF THE YEAR! The club will reopen at 7pm. Sorry NO RESERVATIONS, first come, first serve! Don’t forget 94.9 Countdown tomorrow morning at 10am. Lulu will have lots of “Hair of the Dog”! HAPPY NEW YEAR!