dance is good smalland if the music is good, we dance……all night long to the music of DJ Milton White. Jeanette is not teaching line dance lessons tonite but she’ll be around if you want to practice up on some steps when Milton plays some line dance music. Jackie opens the grill at 11am. Come and get those Bologna sandwiches. The turkey and ham has got to be getting old by now. There is NO COVER CHARGE tonight or tomorrow night when Guest DJ Gene Sistare lights up the booth. Get your tickets today or tomorrow, we have a few left. Not many but if you hurry you might be the lucky ones to get them. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and are sitting on the go button for a Happy New Year. We at Fat Harold’s are ready to show you a very good time. Tickets are $25 ahead of time. You will pay a $10 cover each night night for the bands without the ticket. You will be able to pay at the door on New Years Eve if we have room. The tickets will be $25 and it will also include the Meal and band of New Years Day! Be safe in your travels. It’s ugly here in the swamp and I must go now so I can get to work safely. We’ll see you when you get here. Love YOU, Mean IT!