customer appreciation christmas flyerThaaaaat’s right! Your FUN TEAM is full of Christmas spirit and we’re throwin’ a party for YOU! Come on out Wednesday for our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION CHRISTMAS PARTY! Customer Appreciation from open to close with some of Jack’s famous CHICKEN BOG at 6:30. We’ve decked the halls…we just need YOU around our Christmas trees! Don’t forget Judy Duke’s shag lessons tonight at 7:00…It’s not too late to learn some new steps for your upcomin’ holiday parties. Our New Year’s Bash tickets are goin’ fast, so hurry up and make your reservations. Info is on our FACEBOOK PAGE and our website. Get ’em while we’ve got ’em! It’s beginnin’ to feel a lot like Christmas! Let’s do this thang! (and I think we’ve danced in the rain ENOUGH!)