Jay and Eddie Spin Tonight!

Jay Kinlaw is in the Front Room at 6pm – Edie Anderson is in the back room at 7pm – The Shag City Grill is open at 11am for lunch.   Have you seen the SOS Fall Migration Schedule?

Friday at the Fat Man’s

It is Friday – Jimmy Buffkin will be keeping you on the floor tonight in the front room. Rommie Tyndall has the controls in the back room – 2 Floors and  Djs for your shaggin fun. Come and See Us! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am today

Thursday Night- Eddie is in the Booth

    It is Thursday – Join Eddie Anderson at Fat Harold’s – He has the musi to keep you dancing! The Grill opens at 4PM today We hope to see you at the Fat Man’s House!

Saturday with Jay and Eddie

It is Saturday! We have Jay Kinlaw up in the front room tonight and Eddie Anderson in the back room tonight. The Shag City Grill opens at 11am.  Come and see us at the Fat Man’s House.

Friday Night at Fat Harold’s!

The Shag City Grill Opens at 11am for Lunch Jay Kinlaw spins music in the Front Room – Eddie Anderson Spins music in the Back Room You should come to Fat Harold’s and DANCE to the best music in the world.