Friday with Jimmy and Eddie

Jimmy Buffkin plays tunes in the front room tonight Eddie Anderson plays tunes in the back room tonight The Fun Team Team serves you at the Shag City Grill, front room and back room Come and see us at Fat Harold’s!

Wednesday is Fat Harold’s LIVE

Yes it is Wednesday again – The Place to be tonight is Fat Harold’s Beach Club. If you can’t be here, tune in to from 6 to 9. Fat Harold’s LIVE with Mike Worley and Jay Kinlaw will bring the club to you. We hope you can join us...

Eddie is in the House Tonight

Join us on Thursday Night. Eddie Anderson will be in the DJ Booth at the Fat Man’s House – The Shag City Grill opens at 4pm. Stay dry today. We hope to see you tonight.  

First Saturday of SOS

Are you having fun during SOS Sopring Safari in the Summertime? It is Saturday. The day starts early – Charlie and Jackie will be starting up their workshops this morning at 10am. Come learn some new moves or polish up those moves so you can show off tonight. We...