Fat Harold’s LIVE Tonight

Mike and Jimmy are in the Front Room from 6 to 9 – Hear what they hear on 949thesurf.com. Jay is in the back room. The Grill opens at 4pm

We do Wednesdays Right

Wednseday Night – Fat Harold’s LIVE with Mike and Jay up fron from 6 to 9. Jimmy will be in the back room. The Shag City Grill opens at 4pm – Come and see us!

Fat Harold’s Live on Wednesday

It is Wednesday Night and it is gonna be another big party at the Fat Man’s House. Mike Worley from 94.9 The Surf joins Jimmy Buffkin in the front room from 6 to 9. Hear what we hear if you can not be here by tuning in to 949thesurf.com . Jay Kinlaw will be in...

Wednesday is Fat Harold’s LIVE

Yes it is Wednesday again – The Place to be tonight is Fat Harold’s Beach Club. If you can’t be here, tune in to 949thesurf.com from 6 to 9. Fat Harold’s LIVE with Mike Worley and Jay Kinlaw will bring the club to you. We hope you can join us...

Wednesday with the Surf

It is Wednesday and the Surf is back tonight.  Mike Worley from 94.9 the Surf will be in the house tonight joining Jimmy B in the front room. Jay Kinlaw will be in the back room at Harold’s. Live at Fat Harold’s is back after a crazy SOS week. Tune in 6 to...