Hello Friday – Welcome CBMA

Big Day at the Fat Man’s House Welcome CBMA BACK TO THE BEACH! Start your Day at the Shag City Grill – Get that Bologna Sandwich you have been craving since the last time you were here. The CSA/CBMA Shag Contest is taking place here from 2 to 5 – DJ...

Friday at Harolds with Jay and Kevin

Come to the place where there is always a Party! Jay Kinlaw will be in the front room. Kevin Robinson will be in the back room The Shag City Grill opens at 11am for lunch. We just need you to make it a Big Night!  

Friday at the Fat Man’s House

It is Friday night – 2 dance floors will be open for your dancing pleasure. We have Jimmy Buffkin up in the front room and Rommie Tyndall in the back room. Come and See us! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am.