Jim Rose in the Booth

Jim Rose will be playing the music from the Booth today from 4 to 8   Did you see the 2021 SOS Flyers yet?

Saturday Tunes with Jay and Jim

Hello Saturday! Its going to be HOT in the Fat Man’s House tonight! We have Jay Kinlaw spinning some HOT Tunes in the front Room beginning at 6. We have Jim Rose spinnin’ some HOT tunes in the back room beginning at 7pm. We know some of the best shaggers...

Friday at the Fat Man’s House

It is Friday at SOS Spring Safari in the Summertime! The first Shag Workshop with Charlie and Jackie starts at 10am. The Collegiates will take the stage at the Fat Man’s House today at 2pm AND…We have a great DJ line-up to keep you dancing all day and night....

Sunday with Jim Rose

DJ Jim Rose is in the  Booth tonight at the Fat Man’s House. Make plans to Join us in Ocean Drive. Come out to Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We hope to see YOU! Who is going to be at the Jump Start Party on Wednesday?  

Sunday with Jim Rose at Fat Harolds

Come hang out at the Fat Man’s House – We open at 4pm. Jim Rose in the Booth at 4PM. The Place to be is Fat Harold’s Beach Club. SOS Midwinter Break is fast approaching. We can’t wait to see all of you back in Ocean Drive. The Fun Team will be...